Schlaeger Confections

Years in Production


Manhattan, New York

Company History

Schlaeger Confections was one of the largest candy companies in the United States when, in 1915, they issued their first baseball card set.

While the 1915 set of cards was rather limited in production and distribution, it was well-received… though it did take several years to ramp up to more widespread offerings in 1922, 1923, and 1924.

Schlaeger Confections was run by Peter Schlaeger, a third-generation candy maker and most commonly known (by name, at least) for the Peter Schlaeger Park on the outskirts of Brooklyn, New York, where he lived for over 50 years with his wife Anna.

The original Schlaeger offices and card-production facility were housed in the building at left, in the Bowery section of Manhattan. Image taken in 1922.

The Schlaeger offices and production facilities were both in Manhattan during the entire production runs.