Richmond Yards

Years in Production


Baltimore, Maryland

Company History

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Richmond Yards started producing baseball cards in the spring of 1951 and continued producing cards each year through at least 1979.

The Richmond Yards founder and CEO, David Salters, had previously been a production assistant for Rueckheim in Chicago while attending Northwestern University.

While Salters lacked comprehensive experience, he was a rabid baseball fan, and was part-owner of the Aberdeen Pheasants, a Class C minor league baseball affiliate of the St. Louis Browns.

The Richmond Yards offices were in Memorial Stadium in Baltimore until 1998, when the offices were transferred to the B&O Warehouse at Camden Yards.

Salters was instrumental in bringing baseball to Baltimore for the 1954 season. The Baltimore Orioles, in return, hosted the offices of the Richmond Yards Trading Card Division of Richmond Yards, Inc. in the four year old Memorial Stadium, home of the Orioles.

Salters admired the line at the bottom of the stadium dedicated (shown above) so much that he adopted it as the unofficial credo of Richmond Yards and extended it to honor not only military veterans but to describe his affinity for the accomplishments of his (and our) sports heroes:


General John J. Pershing