Years in Production


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Company History

Philly baseball cards came to be because of decisions made by the Philadelphia Chewing Gum Corporation. Philadelphia issued a successful football card set for 1964, yet rejected production of baseball cards for reasons that have always been unclear.

Gathering several investors together behind the scenes to make Philly baseball cards a reality, Philadelphia executive Lyle Goss announced that if Philadelphia wouldn’t get into the baseball card arena along with football, then he’d do it himself. And he did, issuing the premiere set of Philly baseball cards in 1964.

With some bad blood coming to the forefront over this football/baseball conversation and subsequent creation by Goss of his own competing company, Philadelphia would eventually sue Philly and Goss for copyright infringement, claiming that Goss had misappropriated the design for the 1964 Philly baseball cards. This charge was dismissed on July 16th, 1964 by Judge Wilbert Granger, on the grounds that since Goss had such a big part in the Philadelphia football card design prior to leaving the company, it couldn’t reasonably be claimed that he was “stealing” design elements that he himself had created.

The original Philly headquarters and card-production facility was housed in Philadelphia in the upper floor of the building to the left. Image taken circa 1971.

The Philly offices and card production were in Philadelphia through 1975, then both were moved to East Rutherford, New Jersey near the Meadowlands Sports Complex.