Years in Production


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Company History

Olney Trading Cards, Inc. was founded in October, 1963 by Jacob Rumley, previously and most recently employed with Fleer as a marketing executive.

Rumley had encouraged his bosses at Fleer to continue producing baseball trading cards in spite of the now infamous issues with damaged printing plates encountered during production of the 66-card 1963 Fleer Baseball set. Fleer executives, however, declined, and this rejection inspired Rumley to strike out on his own that fall, and plan for and ultimately issue complete sets of baseball cards yearly starting in 1964 under the Olney brand, named for the street on which his company resided, just down the street from his ex-employer.

The original Olney office in Philadelphia, where Rumley himself sat and designed his cards each year.

Although Rumley’s start in the baseball card business sprang from a disagreement, he and Fleer executives always maintained a solid relationship, with Rumley even going so far as to help (unofficially) with several Fleer trading card designs over the next decade.