Years in Production


McPherson, Kansas

Company History

McPherson was founded in 1950, but the company itself can trace its roots back to the old Lacombe Tobacco Company, issuers of baseball cards in cigarette packs as early as 1912.

The grandson of Claude Truesdale (Lacombe Tobacco’s card production director), Paul Truesdale, remembered fondly getting “hundreds and hundreds” of Lacombe Tobacco cards weekly as a young child and used this remembrance as the inspiration to create and issue baseball trading cards of his own with the creation of McPherson. (Incidentally, the vast majority of the younger Truesdale’s cards were cut from “printer’s scrap” or were pre-production in nature, meaning the bulk of his collection was unique and quite scarce, relative to actual production.)

Prior to establishing McPherson, Truesdale earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Architecture from the University of Illinois. Perhaps it is for that reason that McPherson cards have always been considered among the best-designed of all brands issued during the production time frame.

Starting in late 1962, the McPherson offices were housed in this Truesdale-designed mid-century building while card-production was done via a third-party vendor. Image taken in June, 1968.

Paul Truesdale would later become the mayor of the city of McPherson, winning re-election twice.