Huggins Press

Years in Production


Jefferson City, Missouri

Company History

Huggins Press published daily newspapers in and around the Jefferson City, Missouri area for just over 60 years.

In 1962 and 1963, Huggins printed and inserted a single baseball card into each daily delivery sleeve of “The Jefferson City Journal” newspaper during the baseball season.

Based on this distribution method, and the system under which a different player card was inserted for each day of delivery, cards that were inserted on the days of inclement weather have a very low survival rate in reasonable condition. Several cards were issued during the three days of the Jefferson City flood in July, 1963, and are near impossible to find today, with few being delivered to homes, even fewer surviving the weather, and the vast bulk likely never delivered and ultimately discarded.

The Huggins Press company offices in Jefferson City circa 1968.

The final Jefferson City Journal edition was printed by Huggins Press on September 17, 1975.