Goodman Baked Goods

Years in Production


Long Island City, New York

Company History

Goodman Baked Goods issued small baseball cards that could be cut from boxes of their baked good products (cupcakes, cookies, etc.) from 1969 through the final issue in 1973.

While player selection was contemporary, Goodman owner Charles Goodman did issue cards of the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1972, as a bittersweet tribute to the 25th anniversary of his favorite team’s exodus from Brooklyn for the sunny skies of Los Angeles.

The Dodger cards were limited in both production and distribution, and are highly coveted today by collectors.

The Goodman Baked Goods offices were housed in Long Island City in the upper two floors of the building in the background. Image taken in July, 1969.

Goodman Baked Goods operated out of Long Island City, New York from 1950 through it’s demise in 1977.