Years in Production


Chicago, Illinois

Company History

Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Gilman started producing baseball cards in the spring of 1950 and continued producing cards each year through at least 1979.

The Gilman Company was primarily a toy maker at the tail end of the 1940’s, and saw the trading card market as a natural extension of their existing product lines and a logical way to leverage their existing customer bases.

Tying into existing toy lines, Gilman issued cards using a plethora of methods, including (at various times) on the inside and outside of toy packaging and as cut outs on promotional material.

The Gilman factory as photographed in 1958 in Chicago, Illinois.

Founder Robert Gilman would eventually sell the company to Mako Toy Company in October, 1975, and Gilman card production would continue under the Gilman brand through at least 1979.