Years in Production


Davenport, Iowa

Company History

Davenport issued it’s first trading cards in July of 1957. Due to this late start (the traditional release date is March or April), the production cycle was very short and Davenport cards from 1957 are among the scarcest and most sought after cards in the hobby – in all grades.

Owned by Daniel and Marcia Parker, Davenport has roots in the confectionery field. Parker’s Posies were a very popular decorated taffy offered in a variety of colors and flavors that had a large following in the Midwest and Southeast, where they were marketed.

The initial runs of Davenport cards were printed using an inexperienced local printer, and troubles with printing plates and card stock left Davenport’s first baseball cards lagging behind their competitors in terms of quality. But the Parkers were dedicated and not easily discouraged, and went on to create some of the most coveted and collected cards that exist today.

The Parkers moved the card-production facilities out of Davenport after 1967, to neighboring Des Moines (about an hour and a half up Interstate 80) but left the Davenport name intact.

The new Davenport factory in the spring of 1967 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Davenport has been a family-owned and family-run business since its inception in 1957.