Browning Shoes

Years in Production


Cleveland, Ohio

Company History

Browning Shoes included baseball cards with every purchase from 1956 through 1962, at all of their 350 locations across the U.S.

Player selection was contemporary, and the printing contract was changed four times over the seven year production run, leading to a variety of variations of various design elements.

In 1963, Browning changed their promotion to include space and exploration-related cards with every purchase, and continued this practice through 1966, until the NASA tragedy which took the lives of three astronauts in January, 1967. This effectively (and immediately) terminated the giveaway program “out of respect for these brave men” as stated in the Browning-issued press release announcing the end of the space/exploration card program.

A Browning Shoes store window display in Cincinnati, Ohio with baseball cards attached (in clear sleeves) to each pair of shoes on display. Image taken in 1962.

Browning Shoes would operate until filing for bankruptcy in 1978.