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Here’s a list of some pretty great blogs and websites related to either custom cards or collecting cards, in no particular order.

Custom Card Blogs

1. Cards That Never Were

John Hogan runs this blog, and his work is quite brilliant, including his interpretations of the known Topps prototypes from the 60’s and 70’s.

Last time I checked, he’s well over a thousand individual custom cards and each of them quite well researched and extremely well crafted.

Cards That Never Were

2. Topps Cards That Never Were

Jeremy runs this blog, and he is remarkably proficient, building collections of custom cards that include accurate roster representations. His work is detailed and he is extremely generous with his methods for card creation including templates for others to use.

Topps Cards That Never Were

3. Mets Fantasy Cards

If you’re a Mets fan (and I am), you’re going to love this custom card blog by Warren Zvon with a specific focus on custom Mets baseball cards. Warren’s work is precise and historically guided, with a strong knowledge of both Mets history and culture.

Mets Fantasy Cards

4. White Sox Cards

Since 2007, Steve Gierman has been producing a variety of well thought out finely detailed custom cards.

White Sox Cards

5. Dick Allen Hall of Fame

If you’re looking for very high quality customs, meticulously researched and crafted, you’ll love visiting the Dick Allen Hall of Fame custom cards blog.

Dick Allen Hall of Fame

6. Bob Lemke’s Blog

We lost one of the hobby giants in 2016 with the passing of Bob Lemke. Author of many collecting-related books and a contributor (or editor) for many of the hobby’s most prominent periodicals, Bob published some exquisitely detailed custom cards for about a five year period on his blog. Bob may be gone, but his work will live on forever.

Bob Lemke’s Blog

7. The Shlabotnik Report

Joe Shlabotnik runs this really fun custom card blog, which features not only familiar vintage designs but some fantastic original card designs as well. Joe also offers a pretty helpful sports card glossary on the blog which people new to the hobby will find quite useful.

The Shlabotnik Report

8. Baseball Cards That Never Were

TJ Dio runs this custom cards blog, and featuring what he calls his “What-If? Sports card Digital Art” creations. TJ even had an article published about him in Sports Collectors Digest in 2010.

Baseball Cards That Never Were

9. When Topps Had (Base)balls!

This custom card blog by Giovanni Balistreri is one of my favorite stops when I’m bouncing around on the internet. Giovanni is highly creative, yet meticulous in his work and historically accurate.

When Topps Had (Base)balls!

10. Bobw’s Custom Baseball Cards

If you’re looking for cards so carefully created that you’d swear they were actually issued, you’re going to love this custom card blog. Bob even mails many of his customs out the the players pictured for autographing, which is such a great way of really bringing them to life.

Bobw’s Custom Baseball Cards

11. The Writer’s Journey

Jason Carter blogs about a variety of subjects, including music, television, movies, books, toys, games…. and baseball. And his custom cards are finely detailed and diverse. A great stop for not only customs but a good place to spend some time overall.

The Writer’s Journey

12. RetroCards

Although football focused as opposed to baseball, at RetroCards they print and sell their creations. Run by Steve Liskey, their site tagline is “Cards so real you’ll be able to smell the gum!” How awesome is that?



Tanner Jones is the Babe Ruth of high quality custom cards. I’m consistently sent staggering away from my computer by the depth of his creativity and the quality of his work. You’ll find tons of interesting things to do on this site beyond just the customs. Highly recommended.

14. Banty Red

If Tanner Jones is the Babe Ruth of high quality custom cards, Phil Apostle is the Ted Williams. Phil creates painstakingly detailed hand painted cards that look like they’re true vintage cards. Absolutely breathtaking work.

Banty Red

15. Yesterday’s Game

Yesterday’s Game is “dedicated to those who played and coached in America’s professional sports during the time when men played and built teams for the love of their game.” Sounds good to me. You’ll find some remarkably complete and detailed custom 1966 and 1967 Topps cards in the MLB section.

Yesterday’s Game

16. Bad Wax Customs

At Bad Wax Customs, you’ll find not only find customs but some remarkable “cut signature” type cards, and best of all, they’re real. To see what autographs can look like when inserted into a card made just for that purpose, take a look at Bad Wax Customs.

Bad Wax Customs

17. Doc Holoday

Matt Perry runs the Doc Holoday website, and he’s created the most finely detailed set of 2019 baseball cards that he calls the High Heat set. You’ll find them mixed into posts about all kinds of things, and it’s a fun place to visit and get lost in for a while.

Doc Holoday

18. Baseball Card Blog

Ben Henry, Mike Kenny, and Travis Peterson are the owners of this blog, and there are a couple of outstanding customs pages, particularly for the 1976 Topps Traded set.

Baseball Card Blog

19. Kool-Kards

Run by brothers Bob, Ken, and Randy Kula, you’ll find not only baseball customs but some really nice football customs along with cards commemorating family sporting events.


20. StudioGaryC

Gary Cieradkowski runs the StudioGaryC website, and he’s an alarmingly good artist. Custom baseball cards are just a small part of his incredible work, but they are absolutely outstanding. Prepare to be amazed if you visit this site.


21. Design On Deck

It’s difficult to overstate the quality of Ross Maute’s work on his Design on Deck blog. You’ll find original designs as well as re-interpretations of old designs, both extremely well executed.

Design On Deck

22. Helmar Blog

Imagine a jeweler with a bright light and a loupe and delicate gold plated tools crafting their creations. Why? Because it’s exactly how I picture the folks at Helmar creating their custom cards – including realistic aging. Staggeringly beautiful.

Helmar Blog

23. The Cardboard and Me

Jason Barrett’s blog, called My Cardboard and me, is a fun place to visit, especially if you like well made custom cards. You’ll find not only baseball customs but hockey as well.

The Cardboard and Me

24. Baseball Card Breakdown

Run by blogger “defgav”, you’ll find a pretty wide variety of posts about cards from just about all eras. I just recently discovered that defgav makes custom cards as well, and I’m enjoying exploring his posts for more creations.

Baseball Card Breakdown

More Great Blogs