Baseball Universe

Years in Production


Manhattan, New York

Company History

Baseball Universe magazine printed and issued some of the most interesting and collectible cards of the 1960’s.

Every March 1st, Baseball Universe would release baseball cards of both the most-promising rookies and the young stars in the league, typically those with just a year (sometimes two) of service time. Meant to get young people excited about the upcoming season (and help sell magazines), once opening day arrived (usually the first week of April), the cards disappeared from the shelves.

Quite literally, the cards were out and available (in wax packs conventionally and lightly glued inside magazines) for about a month each year, creating some outrageously scarce cards today for collectors.

The first yearly issued cards were done in 1963, and the last in 1969, in a continuation format, with numbering starting from #1. For that reason, because the set is considered today to be one set issued over seven years, there can be (and are) multiple examples of the same player within the set.

Self-managed newsstand just outside of the Baseball Universe offices in NYC, circa 1972.

While the card-stock used for the production run was not quite up to the quality of more mainstream issues (with yellowing being a common problem), the Baseball Universe cards are highly collectible due in large part to the subject focus on rookies and younger players.