Aerona (Venezuelan)

Years in Production


Maracaibo, Venzuela

Company History

In direct competition with Topps, Aerona, a Venezuelan-based candy company, issued baseball cards yearly from 1968 though end of production in 1974.

Aerona, however, focused on stars of the U.S. major leagues, in major league uniforms, unlike Topps who focused primarily on players playing in Venezuela in Venezuelan uniforms.

Aerona cards would be printed in Spanish for the entire production run. Like their Topps counterparts, Aerona cards were often glued into scrapbooks (and were usually printed on substandard card stock) making surviving cards in top condition today difficult to find.

Aerona executives gather for a meeting at Aerona headquarters in Maricaibo in April, 1970.

Aerona’s last card set would be issued in 1974, but they would continue on as one of the largest and most successful candy and gum producers in Venezuela for many years.