Welcome to the RACC Alternate Card Universe

Ever wonder what it would have been like if during the time before 1980 when the courts ruled that Topps could no longer monopolize the mainstream baseball card market… if it had been that way all along?

Welcome to the RACC Alternate Baseball Card Universe! Below you will find the current RACC catalog of baseball card companies, the years sets were produced, and the location of each company in our alternate reality covering the years 1979 and earlier. Please click on any individual company for complete company histories.

All cards produced as part of this alternate card universe are done so under as part of the RACC “Originals” Seriesand include period-correct backs.

You’ll also find other customs under the RACC “Tribute” Series, using existing real-world designs freshened up and with a player selection that transcends time.

Vintage photography fans may enjoy my vintage photograph creations, which can accommodate imagery not usually seen on actual cards.

Limited to not only cards, you will find original-design wrappers, boxes, advertising sheets and other baseball card related ephemera from time to time.

I certainly hope you enjoy this alternate card universe and the custom creations you’ll see here as much as I enjoy creating and sharing them with to you. Please contact me if you have any questions or feedback, and visit my Etsy store if you’d like to browse cards available for purchase, which is always changing.


Donohue, a non-U.S. based card company, issued their first set in the U.S. (and Canada) in 1950.

Toronto, CANADA


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Olney baseball cards are a direct offshoot of the Fleer company, and published baseball cards from 1964 through at least 1979… when our alternate card universe ends.


Memphis, Tennessee

Douglas issued baseball cards yearly starting in 1961.


Rochester, New York

Hanebrinks printed and sold baseball cards starting in 1950, before Topps even issued their first set.


Chicago, Illinois

Rueckheim was a direct descendant of Cracker Jack, and issued baseball cards intermittently throughout the 30’s and 40’s starting in 1934, then regularly, yearly, beginning in 1961.


Davenport, Iowa

Davenport issued it’s first baseball card set in wax packs in 1957.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly issued baseball cards yearly starting with it’s initial offering in 1964.


Wheaton, Illinois

Wheaton issued it’s first set of baseball cards in wax packs in 1958.


McPherson, Kansas

McPherson issued their first baseball cards in 1950.


Chicago, Illinois

Gilman issued their first complete set of baseball cards in 1950.

Richmond Yards

Baltimore, Maryland

The initial Richmond Yards baseball card set was issued in 1951.

Bedford Press

Brooklyn, New York

Bedford Press issued their first set of baseball cards in 1957, after buying out the Bowman company in 1956 and moving all printing and operations to Brooklyn.

Bradshaw Games

Stamford, Connecticut

One of the oldest board game producers in the country, in 1953 Bradshaw Games issued it’s first baseball card set.

Ludlow Publishing

Denver, Colorado

Ludlow Publishing started offering baseball trading cards in 1967.

Buchanan Tobacco

Boston, Massachusetts

Buchanan Tobacco offered baseball picture cards in their cigarette packages starting in 1903.

Lacombe Tobacco

Durham, North Carolina

Lacombe Tobacco offered baseball cards in their cigarette packs starting in 1912.

Schlaeger Confections

Manhattan, New York

Schlaeger Confections offered trading cards in their candy products for various years… the earliest in 1915.

Lake Foods

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Lake Foods Group offered baseball trading cards in their cereals and bakery products on and off beginning in 1960.

Holzauer Brewery

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Holzauer Brewery issued trading cards with their beer products starting in 1953.

Baseball Universe

Manhattan, New York

Baseball Universe magazine issued baseball cards of prospects and newcomers every spring, in an ongoing set from 1963 through 1969.

Van Campo Bakeries

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Van Campo Bakeries issued baseball trading cards with every purchase starting in 1904.

Goodman Baked Goods

Long Island City, New York

Goodman Baked Goods issued baseball cards on the backs and sides of boxes of their various products starting in 1972.

Browning Shoes

Cleveland, Ohio

Browning Shoes issued baseball trading cards with every store purchase from 1956 through 1962.

Toffer Sports Equipment

Elmsford, New York

Toffer Sports Equipment included baseball player hang tags on much of their baseball-related equipment offerings, starting in 1969.

Aerona (Venezuelan)

Maracaibo, Venzuela

Aerona printed and issued cards out of Venezuela from 1968 through 1974 for the Venzuelan card market.

Duluth Game Company

Duluth, Minnesota

Duluth Game Company issued cards for use with their baseball board games in 1919 and 1920.

H.L. Frank Vending

Queens, New York

The H.L. Frank Vending Company, providers of vending machines throughout the Northeast, issued baseball cards as promotional items from 1960 through 1962.

Huggins Press

Jefferson City, Missouri

Huggins Press included baseball cards with all home delivery of yearly subscriptions to their daily newspaper in 1962 and 1963.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Channel 11 KAL-TV in Pittsburgh issued baseball cards as promotions in 1956 and 1957.

Massillon Daily Herald

Massillon, Ohio

The Massillon Daily Herald newspaper issued paper cutout baseball “cards” weekly during the baseball season in 1961.

Millerton Dairy

Mankato, Minnesota

Millerton Dairy issued baseball cards attached to milk products in 1966.

Wilson’s Root Beer

St. Louis, Missouri

Wilson’s Root Beer issued a set of baseball cards as a promotion in 1959.

Tanako (Japan)

Kyoto, JAPAN

Tanako issued baseball cards of both Japanese and U.S. baseball stars in 1965 and 1966.

Dornhoffer’s Meats

Kansas City, Missouri

Dornhoffer’s Meats issued baseball cards with their hot dog products in 1968 and 1969